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Company profile

Trafford, Graham and Clarence Busuttil established the Company in 1986 venturing in the retail and importation business. Thereafter, the Company ventured in property development, property management including real estate services and property investments for rental. In 2008, it commenced its real estate operations on a wider scale, namely in Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and Latvia. The Company is one of the first European companies to set up offices in China, offering services in immigration to Chinese nationals, particularly in Residency and Citizenship programmes. Over the years, it achieved an excellent reputation for quality service and trustworthiness and has recently commenced operations in Vietnam. For this purpose, the Company offers legal services in order to provide a holistic, one stop shop experience to its numerous valued clients.

Management Team

Dr. Graham Busuttil

Doctor of Laws & CFO

 Dr. Graham Busuttil LL.D. was born in 1961 in Malta.  While studying for his degree he served in various posts on the University Students’ Council and was student representative of the University Senate.  Dr. Busuttil graduated as a Notary Public in 1985 and on obtaining the degree of Doctor of Laws in 1986, he was appointed as Curator and Advocate for Legal Aid.  Dr. Busuttil is a Director and Company Secretary in various companies and was also appointed as a member of the Natural Heritage Advisory Committee under the Malta Environment and Planning Authority.  He is a member of the Chamber of Advocates and his publications include Marriage Breakdown and Divorce Law Reform.  Graham has been married to Charlotte since 1990 and has two children.

He is an European Immigration and Malta Residency and Visa Programme senior specialist and over the years, he has been responsible for IIP matters of a large number of overseas clients in Malta.

Mr. Trafford Busuttil


Born in 1967 in the small town of St. Julians, with a population of 4,000, on the beautiful island of Malta, in Europe. He started his business career at the tender age of 17 and today is a well known and highly respected, experienced international real estate developer, investor and advisor to international property investors on various European destinations. He is CEO of Go2Europe a leading European property service company servicing Chinese investors since 2008.

Dr Clarence Busuttil

Doctor of Laws, University of Malta (1976-1981)

Dr. Busuttil is an expert in International Immigration Law, Insurance, Intellectual Property and Company Law and is currently Head of Department of International Commercial Law at his current Law Firm.  He is an European Immigration and Malta Residency and Visa Programme senior specialist and over the years, he has been responsible for IIP matters of a large number of overseas clients in Malta.

Dr Busuttil Is the Chairman and Director in a number of local companies involved in property development, real estate, project management, turnkey contracts, etc.
He is a member of Malta Chamber of Advocates, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Malta Maritime Law Commission, and the International Trademark Association (INTA).  He was appointed as Chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority Appeals and is Chairman of various Disciplinary Boards.
Ms. Faye Busuttil

Business Development Manager

Born in 1990 on the beautiful island of Malta, with a population of just under half a million,
Faye has been working in the Real Estate business for just over a decade now! She considers herself very lucky to have found a career that she loves and is passionate about and feels that being a business woman was and still is ‘’her calling’’ from a very young age. She thinks the reason being is due to the fact that she feels and is also seen by others as a ‘’people person’’, which is a very important quality when it comes to finding the right property that suits your clientele, making her main goal at present exactly this for Chinese investors. Starting out small, she slowly worked her way up in the business to now, ten years later as ‘’Property Manager’’ of the company. She feels the best way to tackle Real Estate is from nothing else, but experience!


News and Events

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